A Summers Day OFTD & a little rant.

Hiya :)
Remember me?
Sorry I have been missing from action of late but I have been very busy with college and looking for a job.
I hope you all remember me :)

Today when I woke up the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky! This instantly lifts my mood. So I decided to bring out one of my favourite summer dresses that I got last year.

Dress - H&M around £7.00
Leggings - Miss Selfridge £12.00
Links of London necklace - I was given this for my 18th birthday and I don't know the price.
Ring - Debenhams £10 got it ages ages ago.

I brought these sunglasses in town the other day love love love them! Thought I would give them a little bit of lovin' :)

£15.00 from :
I still need to find a good glasses case for them any suggestions?

A little rant.
If you pay £12 friggin' pound! for a pair of leggings you expect them to be good qauility right? That is what I thought however these leggings are the most uncomfortable annoying leggings I have ever brought. Honsetly don't buy leggings from Miss Selfridge not worth the price.

I'd rather stick to the £6.99 leggings from H&M that fit me perfectly.



Lush Rave: Flosty Gritter

After reading the lovely Zoe's blog about this lovely bubble bar I wanted to see how lovely this really was for myself. With a few other items which I will be reviewing in the next few weeks.

So what is the claim? Well from Lush's website it says -

A sparkly, sexy bath for a night on the town.Flosty Gritter is a party bath. Its blend of balancing lavender and sweet vanilla makes an irresistibly attractive scent. Don't be surprised if people are drawn to your pink sparkles and stay within sniffing distance for the rest of the evening. The name? Well, our product developer, Noriko Muira, gets her 'r's and 'l's mixed up, as they sound the same in Japanese. Guess what she wrote on the jar of frosty glitter that gives Flosty Gritter its pink sparkles ?

My verdict one word, amazing. It blew me away. Lots and lots of pretty bubbles, turned my bath water pink and it smelt DIVINE! and this is my first time using it tonight. However it dosent come close to how amazing the comforter is, and I am unsure if I will buy it again. Maybe if I wanted a little pick me up but not for once a week special baths. hmm...



Bloggers come together for Haiti!

On Tuesday 12th February 2010 a terrible earthquake had stuck in Haiti tearing millions of people's lives apart which means they are in desperate need of the most basic human needs such as food, water, medical care and emergency care. Which we all in England take for complete and utter granted Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world.

As I know that the beauty community is a fabulous one and we all help each other with beauty dilemmas that we have I think we could all find it in our hearts to donate to these people who are in desperate need of help.

Gemma (gemsmaquillage) a fantastic Youtuber/blogger who I love watching and talking to.Has posted a video of how we should all pull together to help others who are in need. I completely agree with her so that is why I am 100% supporting her :)

Gemma’s video!

If we can all spend our money on clothes, make-up and lives little luxury’s? Surely we cannot buy ourselves that new top that we desperately want this week and instead use that to help someone in much more need than we are? No I am not pressuring you in any way shape or form but whatever you give will have a big impact on the people’s lives in Haiti :] I have donated £5.00 yes that isn’t much but at least I know I have made someone else’s life better who I probably will never meet.

Here are the links that you can use to donate too -

Click the link below to donate to the DEC:

Read more about the DEC


Click this link to donate to Doctors without borders:


Read more about Doctors without borders


At times like these we all need to pull together to make a difference to peoples lives we can do this by so retweeting my blogpost, retweet Gemma's video, favourite it, rate it 5***** stars, put it Gemma's video as your facebook satsus, spam your family with her video whatever as long as you get the word out! More importantly, donate something ourselves!

Thank you!
Georgia xxxx
Let me know if you have donated in the comments!


LUSH. The Comforter : Review.

After reading many reviews on this product I went straight to my local lush store and got myself one of these bath melts. I loved how it looked and smelt when I picked it up in the store so I quickly put one into my basket and hurried back home to try it. I was hoping it wouldn't be one big fat disappointment

This is what Lush says about

The Comforter - A warming, fruity, fluffy bath to bring you comfort. When the world seems too scary and your problems seem insurmountable, that's when you need The Comforter's warm, blackcurrant embrace. Take a long, soothing bath, have a good night's sleep, and when the day dawns, things won't seem quite so bad. Promise.

I wasn't disappointed at all, I was very surprised and thrilled by what happened in my bath tub. It created millions of purple bubbles in my bath and when I moved my hands around the bubbles didn't burst! It made me feel very relaxed it filled my bathroom with a beautiful fruity smell :)

If I could have a bath every single day, this would be my number one choice! I have got around 4 to use up in my bedroom right now so it's a perfect excuse to relax at the end a long day at work. My tip would be for this is to only use 1/4 of it 'cause you will be surprised by how many bubbles it creates :) I have recommended this to all my friends and my step Mum that is how
in love I am with this product!

It is £3.89 in stores and at www.lush.co.uk (:
Which I think is a very well priced because if you only use 1/4 of it each time you use it your money will go further!



A quick uppdateeeee.

Hello all my lovely subscribers :) I have been extremely busy with college work, driving lessons, my theory and my personal life. Here is just a quick little update :)
5 postive things that has happended to me of late.
1.) My teeth look straighter this is only in 6 weeks and its really exicted me as I have been told that they may not work out for me due to complications but they are working sooo farr sooo good :)
2.) I finally had the guts to book my theory test after months and months of putting it off and I am doing extremely welll with all my praticing so hopfully I shall be on the roads soon :D
3.) I have a new found confidence, im feeling loads more happier all the sudden with everything that I do and I feel great. Tbh, I think I am finally in a happy place and everything else seems to be falling into place perfectly.
4.) I had an amazing 19th brithday, was drunk 3 times of my brithday week, had a fanatsic day in London with my best friend and spent £100 in Primark ( if I am honset with you that made me feel slighly dizzy when I saw that lol :P )
5.) I am going away in 30 days to Norway for 6 days before Xmas :D AHHHHH EXICTEMENET! Hopfully I will learn how to skii whlist I am out there and climb a few montains!
Well I better go back to my lesson and finsh off my lesson plan :) Cacth you all soon!!
P.S - HELLO to all my new subs :) I am sooo thrilled that 17 people are following me!